The Anima


I unclasp the clip on the back
of my bikini beneath
a towel in the passenger-side seat
while you play acoustic songs off your
iPhone in Brielle, NJ.

The A/C is on through the side,
front, feet vents.
I am cold, but you need to stay
awake. Goose bumps form on my skin—
thousands of…



After kindly being commissioned to illustrate WeTheUrban Editor-in-Chief, Willie Greene, for the sixth issue of WeTheUrban Magazine (view here), Colombian artist Ricardo Cifuentes is teaming up with us once again to offer one of our readers the rare opportunity to have a watercolor illustration of themselves done by the man himself! 


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As simple as that! The winner will be randomly selected and contacted via Ask box on 5/5/2013. You must do each step to enter and you may only enter once. Good luck! :)



this is the best thing I have ever read.
this is the best thing I have ever read.

perfect night

Blowing smoke rings while enjoying a good jazz record. 

Now flash me some Green eyes and warm thighs 

and make my night fun ; ) 

Conversations I have at my desk when studying

 I think we get hooked into different TV series at important Decisions of are lives; We look at the way things wrap up nicely and work out in the end. So the question must be, philosophy speaking. Is this aspect of are popular culture beneficial to us? Or does this tug at your heart strings and lead you to more emotionally charged reactions,i.e. love, hate, dreams, admiration’; towards imported Decisions. When you should use more logical Decisions.   

-my Brain 

deep stuff but we should def get some pussy cuz everybody is getting laid in Charming any your here studying : ( 

-my Penis 

Duane Michals - The Bogeyman, 1973 | More posts

Feeling let down

Its one thing when the Girl you love leaves you, its another thing that you moved her in with family. Its a whole different story when she starts dating before she even moved out. The worst part of it? I don’t even think she even understands what she is doing. It would be to easy for me to just hate her for it, But now I feel bad for her. She threw away one of the best opportunities she could of asked her, and if you want someone to change for the best you have to let them hit rock bottom. I still care for her but at this point, you just got to let them sink to help them.